#1 in the world, and only getting better!

By all measures, Siam Park is one of the most successful water parks in the world. Located on Tenerife – the crown jewel of the Canary Islands – it has been ranked #1 water park by Trip Advisor® every year since 2014. It’s also one of Europe’s busiest, with over 850,000 visitors a year.

Feel the Thrills

For Christoph Kiessling, General Manager, how the park feels to guests is just as important as how it looks. “We want to create a full range of emotions and sensations,” he explains. And of course, “I wanted our guests to have a thrilling sensation, unlike anything they had ever experienced on a water ride,” he says.

With this goal in mind, ProSlide® drove the invention of one our most exhilarating rides, the ProSlide® TORNADO® 24/ TornadoWAVE® 60 hybrid, branded Kinnaree by the park. “We trusted ProSlide® could deliver this brand new ride because we knew the performance of their existing slides.”

  • #1 Water Park of 2014, Trip Advisor

  • 850,000 Visitors per year

World's first, world's best

When it came to an uphill coaster, “We didn’t want the old-style water propulsion coaster that the others were offering”, says Kiessling. “We were looking for something more entertaining, something more thrilling. So we worked with ProSlide® to come up with Singha.” Named IAAPA’s 2015 Best New Water Ride, Singha solidifies Siam Park’s position as a world’s best water park. It is a ProSlide® combo ride that includes two world-firsts: a high-performance ProSlide® RocketBLAST® propulsion water coaster with four high-speed ProSlide® FlyingSAUCER® features.

Siam Park: The Sequel

Not one to rest on his laurels, Kiessling is planning a sequel to the Siam Park story with Siam Park Gran Canaria, scheduled for a 2019 opening. “The second Siam Park will have all the experience of the first,” says Kiessling, “but we will also introduce new ideas and different attractions.”

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We trusted ProSlide® could deliver this brand new ride because we knew the performance of their existing slides.

Christoph Kiessling Siam Park

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