Siam Park City and ProSlide® Build Bangkok’s Premiere Family Destination

Siam Park City, Bangkok’s largest water and amusement park, has been amazing guests for over four decades with thrilling rides and world-class entertainment.

After 30 years of success, Wuthichai Luangamornlert, Siam Park City’s managing director, decided to provide his guests with the family-focused attractions they craved.

They partnered with ProSlide® to build a water park where  families can enjoy the entertainment and build experiences together as a unit.

Planning makes perfect

Wuthichai wanted unique attractions that would differentiate Siam Park City from the other regional water parks, while focusing on families. They hoped that building their water park with family-fit attractions could satisfy guests while staying ahead of their competitors.

But he also wished for minimum disruptions to existing structures to keep infrastructure costs low.

This required a detailed back-and-forth between Siam Park City and ProSlide® that resulted in a project that both parties were excited for.

  • 40 Years of success

  • 1,500,000 Visitors per year

Fun for all!

Wuthichai decided on a ProSlide® RideHOUSE® 300, built with a 4-lane ProSlide® KIDZ ProRacer™, ProSlide® KIDZ MiniRiver™ and ProSlide® KIDZ Twister™.

“We selected the RideHOUSE® because it’s a family fun complex… the new trend of people coming to water parks is that they want to go into a slide or complex that can accommodate both adults and children.”

A fantastic blend of 70 exciting features and 5 thrilling slides, ProSlide’s® RideHOUSE® 300 is a perfect addition for indoor or outdoor parks, and can be built for any budget or footprint.

Wuthichai’s passion and dedication are propelling Siam Park City to new heights. With almost 1.5 million annual visitors, Siam Park City is becoming a national treasure. In 2010, Siam Park City was awarded for its outstanding contribution to the entertainment business by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

About ProSlide®

At ProSlide® we create industry-changing new rides and new experiences. It’s in our DNA, and it’s what we’ve been doing every day for well over 30 years now.

We do it because we’re driven by your passion to thrill your guests.

We do it because we’re inspired by your demand for differentiation and unique attractions.

Because of you, we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we make it better?”

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We selected the RideHOUSE® because it’s a family fun complex that can accommodate both adults and children.

Wuthichai Luangamornlert Managing Director, Siam Park City

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