A story of racing innovation

Your demand for differentiation and unique attractions inspires us to relentlessly and competitively push the envelope, explore, and transform. That’s why we don’t stop, that’s why we keep bettering our best work. And that’s why we’ve just completely changed the racing game.

New for 2018, our RallyRACER™ and Dueling PIPEline™ introduce the most exciting and innovative feature to be added to racers in decades: RallyPOINTS™!

It started with the ProRACER™.

First, and still the best. Winner of an IAAPA Best New Waterpark Ride award when it was invented in 1994, ProRACER™ was the world’s first pre-engineered, multi-lane mat racer. Headfirst mat racing rides from ProSlide® are still the most popular in the world, and the sheer energy of competition keeps riders coming back again and again.

Then we went “Octo”

Racing side-by-side is loaded with fun, and at ProSlide® innovation and design creativity never stops. We knew that we could improve performance and increase excitement even more. What if you could start “in the dark” in looping tunnels with tight and thrilling compression curves, and then burst into the light in competitive racing lanes? In 2002 we introduced the revolutionary OctopusRACER™, the world’s first enclosed looping racer.

Enter the “Kraken”

But why just loop when you can braid? Our ProRACER™ is still the world’s best-selling mat racer, and our OctopusRACER™ is thrilling guests around the world…but we still weren’t content, we knew there were more thrills to discover and more innovations to introduce. And so innovate we did, introducing in 2011 the KrakenRACER™, the world’s first braided mat racer and winner of IAAPA’s 2011 Best New Waterpark Ride and WWA’s 2011 Innovation Award.

Now it’s time to RALLY!

How can we make an award-winning and best-selling classic even better? Keep innovating! We knew that our predictable ride path and flexible design approach meant that we could push the envelope even further and create entirely new experiences and features, and so that’s what we did. Our unique U-shaped flumes have been keeping ProSlide® riders firmly in the center of the flume for decades, and that allowed us to engineer the first-ever seamless re-entry into a closed flume from an open path. And the RallyPOINT™—the foundation of our new and exciting RallyRACER™ and Dueling PIPEline™ rides—was born.

  • 360° Loop

  • 2-10 Lanes

Introducing RallyRACER™

Each RallyRACER™ rider speeds belly-down on a mat through a tight 360º loop complete with intense Gs, and then the loop accelerates riders onto the RallyPOINTs™: the open racing lanes with low separator lanes that allow racers to see and hear each other as they rocket competitively through drops with bumps, creating speed, compression and zero-gravity moments.

Seamless transitions from the enclosed flumes to the RallyPOINTs™—and back again—keep everyone guessing. Competition maximizes repeat ridership!

Available in configurations of 2 to 10 lanes, this family-friendly high-capacity thriller is sure to keep mom, dad and the kids all coming back for more…and more…and more!

Meet the Dueling PIPEline™

High above the pool, 1- or 2-person tube-riding competitors launch themselves into side-by-side tunnels for a thrilling race to the bottom. Each rider speeds through tight loops, and then riders accelerate into the exciting and competitive RallyPOINTs™, where riders can see and hear each other as they fly through the side-by-side course.

The world’s best two-person serpentine water ride, the ProSlide® PIPEline™ has long also been the most popular. Now with the addition of dueling and RallyPOINTs™ we’ve added competitive fun on top of the excitement. Your guests will be racing up the stairs for another run!

It’s an innovation revolution

We’ve been innovating since 1986 and we’re not about to stop – it’s in our DNA. With more IAAPA Best Water Ride awards than all other water slide manufacturers combined, ProSlide® technology gives you the best of the industry so that you can be the best in your market.

It’s your passion to offer new and thrilling experiences for your guests that drives our passion for award-winning innovation. And it’s your demand for differentiation and unique attractions inspires us to relentlessly and competitively push the envelope, explore, and transform.

Your success – and the success of the amusement industry – is our success. Because of you, we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we make it better?”

Join the Revolution

Racing is in our blood, and we know it’s in yours. There has never been anything like our new RallyRACER™ and Dueling PIPEline™ rides in the industry: truly custom designs fit the most demanding footprint, and an outrageously differentiated guest experience thrills the entire family. Add in high capacity and eagerly repeating riders and the mix is complete.

And the race has just started! Now that we’ve unleashed the true potential of modern side-by-side racing on our rides, the sky is the limit. You’ll soon be seeing RallyPOINTs™ and game-changing “Dueling” features on several of our other rides – including our industry-leading saucers and coasters.

Want in on the race? Get in touch with our racing design team to start work on your custom racer today.

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