An Expansion Success Story.

ProSlide® custom complex spikes record attendance.

Flying Tower, OceanPark Water Adventure’s (Jakarta, Indonesia) new custom complex with 4 iconic rides, kicked off the New Year with rave reviews. January 1st & 2nd, the complex’s first operating days, exceeded the park’s daily average attendance by 10,000 guests!

By grouping multiple rides on a single tower, these massive entertainment hubs are a real draw for guests – and a massive efficiency for operators:
  • Shared pool/exit channel reduces installation costs and keeps the number of guards at a minimum
  • Mix-and-match ride features and layouts to fit any space or budget
  • Multiple rides from one tower simplifies stairways and queuing


  • 11th Biggest park in Asia Pacific

  • 10,000 Increase in daily attendance

Tower of thrills

The OceanPark complex combines 2-person tubing rides: TornadoWAVE®  45TORNADO® 18CannonBOWL™ 40 and 2-person hybrid: TORNADO® 24 / TORNADO® 24 with notched funnels.

SinarMas Land is the multi-award winning developer behind the park – now the 11th biggest park in the Asia Pacific region according to the 2014 TEA report. Like ProSlide®, they differentiate with innovative products and a commitment to quality for their customers. SinarMas Land is thrilled with the immediate return on their investment.

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The immediate success of our expansion is why we trust our iconic rides to ProSlide®.

Sherly Najoan OceanPark Water Adventure

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