Jamberoo future-proofs its park with ProSlide®!

Jamberoo Action Park in New South Wales, Australia has had a banner year. Or rather, make that a banner decade! In 2007 the park opened its first ProSlide® attraction, Duelling Taipan (ProSlide® MAMMOTH®). In the years after came Funnel Web (ProSlide® TORNADO® 60) and The Perfect Storm (ProSlide® TORNADO® 24/TORNADO® 60 hybrid).

The perfect ride for Jamberoo

Billed as “one of the longest, tallest and most exciting water rides of its kind in the world,” Jamberoo’s Perfect Storm instantly elevated the park to global icon status. Jamberoo is the only park in the world with the iconic ProSlide® TORNADO® 60 combined with two TORNADO® 24 features in one thrilling experience. For the 2017 season, the park made the ride even more immersive with wild theming: strobe lighting and sound effects to mimic lightning and thunder!

“Perfect Storm is the jewel in our crown here at Jamberoo – where you control the action,” says James Cook, Marketing Director. “Guests love the whole immersive experience – with ‘cracks of thunder’ and ‘streaks of lightning’ – and all the enhancements that touch all their senses, and rate this ride extremely highly.”

In the 2017 season, The Perfect Storm received over 65,000 guests in the month of December alone!

  • 2007 First ProSlide® attraction

  • 300,000 Visitors per year

Investment pays off

According to park owner Dax Eddy, visitor numbers continue to grow—especially from the Sydney and Illawarra regions. The park brings in over 300,000 guests per year.

It’s no coincidence, either: Jamberoo made the choice to future-proof their park with smart investments. They chose ProSlide®! The award-winning TORNADO® 60 is high-impact and high-thrill, with exciting speed bursts and more weightless hang-time than any other funnel on the market. And Jamberoo has not one, but two of these guest favorites!

“Our Funnel Web water ride — the world’s longest ProSlide® TORNADO® — is driving a huge increase in guests to the park,” says Dax Eddy, Executive Director of the park. “We’re ecstatic with both the ride and our partnership with ProSlide®.”

“The best parks start with the best rides,” says Rick Hunter, owner and founder of ProSlide®. “Funnel Web is a record-breaker, and Perfect Storm is the perfect partner for it. Jamberoo Action Park shows that when you go big, it really pays off, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their growth!”

The sun keeps shining on Jamberoo

In the last fifteen years, the Eddy family has invested nearly $40 million to keep their park the very best in the region, and they’re not slowing down!

The park now has more expansion planned for the years ahead. Dubbed “Kangaroo Island,” the expanded space will accommodate up to 5000 people and house a suite of new rides.

The park is likely to continue drawing visitors in record numbers, especially as tourism to the region increases.

“Australia is an exciting market for us,” says Hunter. “Leisure entertainment and tourism are growing industries. New waves of tourists from China and other parts of Asia are coming seeking unique experiences when visiting water parks. And that’s ProSlide®!”

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Guests love the whole immersive experience – with ‘cracks of thunder’ and ‘streaks of lightning’.

James Cook Marketing Director

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