Hersheypark and ProSlide® Build a Winner in Pennsylvania!

Hershey, Pennsylvania has been a family destination ever since chocolate connoisseur Milton S. Hershey found the recipe for success. With their delectable chocolate and awe-inspiring attractions, it’s no surprise they have the highest annual attendance of any privately-owned amusement park in North America.

Hersheypark celebrated its centennial by building The Boardwalk, a full-service water park, within the gates of the park.

In 2018, they wanted to take their water park to the next level with world-class attractions that were as innovative and unique as Milton himself. To accomplish this, they partnered with world-class ProSlide® to build two brand new water ride attractions.

Treats and Thrills for All!

The Breaker’s Edge (ProSlide’s® HydroMAGNETIC® ROCKET® + FlyingSAUCER™ 40) delivers all of the excitement, speed and thrills that one would expect from a bobsled run. Plus, it’s a home-run for water park owners as well.

The HydroMAGNETIC® ROCKET® + FlyingSAUCER 40 can move up to 720 guests per hour, requires 75% less energy than traditional injection coasters, has the most advanced and comprehensive safety features, and includes a remotely-accessible diagnostic service.

Hersheypark’s Whitecap Racer is the first-ever ProSlide® RallyRACER™ and has quickly become a fan favorite, as friends and family compete against one another at high speeds.

Each rider rockets through loops and turns at exhilarating speeds in the race of a lifetime. Catch a glimpse of where your competitors are during RallyPOINTS™, where low separator lanes allow you to hear and see the action like never before.

Evolved from the IAAPA Best New Water Park Ride award-winning ProRACER™, the RallyRACER is a sure bet for any water park owner looking to ramp up their guest excitement, satisfaction and repeat ridership.

  • #1 Annual Attendance in North America

  • 2018 Best New Water Ride, Golden Ticket Awards

Rave results

Guests of all ages were ecstatic about what Hersheypark and Proslide® created for The Boardwalk.

“Huge raves about the attractions. Both ProSlide® rides are designed to accommodate the 42-inch height mark, so it’s something that is very thrilling, but it’s not so thrilling that the families can’t ride together, exclaimed Scott Silar, Hersheypark’s attractions manager.

And guests aren’t the only ones impressed with Hersheypark’s new ProSlide® rides. Both the Breaker’s Edge and Whitecap Racer were nominated for 2018’s Best New Water Ride at the Golden Ticket Awards.

Family matters

What makes Hersheypark’s water park so special is that it can be enjoyed by the entire family.

“We’re not splitting families up and sending one part of the family to go ride a thrill ride and another side of the family to go in a toddler area. These rides are designed for togetherness, with 6 lanes on the mat racer and 4 riders on the coaster.”

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ProSlide® rides are designed to accommodate the 42-inch height mark, so it’s something that is very thrilling.

Scott Silar Attractions Manager, Hersheypark

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