Double Tornados add up to triple attendance – Thrills are blooming at Bulgaria’s Aqua Mania Aquapark.

Bulgaria’s Black Sea “tourist zone” coast is the closest beach destination for much of Eastern Europe and Russia, and a popular destination for tourists from all over Europe. Its powdery sand and crystal waters mean that the competition for guests is fierce. With rival attractions and parks just down the beach, Albena Resort – a Blue Flag resort already famous for their 5km white sand beach, mineral waters and spectacular flower gardens – knew in 2012 that they needed to stand out even more.

An idyllic ’60s resort…

Known as “The Spring Valley,” Albena boasts one of the best beaches in Bulgaria, and is set virtually in the middle of the Baltata forest reserve that borders the shore. Purpose-built by the Bulgarian government in 1969 as a sea resort with 43 hotels  offering a total of 20,000 beds and many tourist amenities, Albena has continued to evolve to stay current and on the “must visit” list for European tourists.

When looking to create a water park attraction that would bring back lost guests, Albena Resort knew they needed to not just match but far exceed what was offered elsewhere. They knew they needed a world-class park with iconic, recognizable and spectacular rides. And so they came to ProSlide®.

  • 2012 Opening year

  • 4+ Rating on TripAdvisor

  • #1 Attraction in Albena

…Enters the 21st century

Albena Resorts had completely revamped and renovated their hotels and facilities to keep up with the times, and were on a course to leapfrog into the 21st century (and win back the crowds) with a spectacular water park designed by renowned architects ARCHEON and brought to life by ProSlide®, the global leader in water park design and manufacturing.

But this was no ordinary park: this was a best park, well-planned, expertly manufactured, artfully constructed and instantly recognizable with an awe-inspiring mix of iconic rides, including the one and only Double TORNADO® 24 in Europe.

Bringing them home

Aquapark Aqua Mania – boasting a Trip Advisor® rating of 4+ and touted as the #1 attraction in Albena – came to life in two exciting phases.

Phase 1 started with the thrills of the 4-lane 314-meter long ProRACER™, where riders race against friends, launching themselves headfirst down a heart-stopping multi-bump slide with multiple compressions and weightless moments along the way. It also included the legendary 183-meter long MAMMOTH® rafting slide full of twists, turns and adrenaline!

Phase 2 (completed in 2015) added more adventure, including the 191-metre long 5-storey high double TORNADO® 24 hybrid ride – the only double TORNADO® 24 in all of Europe – and the 77-meter long FreeFALL™ slide, a heart-stopping plummet into what feels like thin air!


Of course no water park would be complete without a relaxing Lazy River and a stimulating Wild River. Aquamania is also great for the kids, with colorful turtle-themed playgrounds and pint-sized versions of ProSlide’s iconic rides including the KIDZ Tornado®, KIDZ Racer™, KIDZ Twister™, KIDZ MiniRiver™ and more.

“Thank you for all your efforts and for helping us to guarantee an unforgettable experience for our guests!”

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Our closest competitor offered a small water park that was taking customers from us. We wanted to entice those guests back to us by creating not just any park, but the best park.

Andreia Stanciu

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