Image for IAAPA EAS (Euro Attractions Show) 2018

Iconic Inventions for Successful Water Parks

Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 25-27, 2018
Booth # 1-616

Iconic rides differentiate your park and help you grab more wallet share. ProSlide® offers the widest range of iconic rides, with more categories and sizes than any other manufacturer. Profit from your unique footprint and topography. ProSlide® custom ride design makes the most of your site’s natural features and mitigates its challenges.

Stand out in a crowded market. Differentiation is critical when you’re competing for guests. We have a rich history of introducing game-changing water ride technologies and enhancing them to maximizes ride performance.  Result: Your one-of-a-kind park with our one-of-a-kind rides will immediately rise to the top.

Customer’s needs are continually changing, and we evolve with the times. We work with you to design a ride – or a whole park – that supports your targets. There’s no place in your strategy for one-size-fits-all water rides.

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