Image for ProSlide® awarded top honors at IAAPA.

1st place recognition for the Best New Water Ride, for the 4th straight year.

Sleek impressive design. A smooth high-thrill ride. We’re obsessed with all aspects of ride design – and making the most out of your project. It’s not just our innovative products that define us as market leaders.

“We are limitless in terms of our energy and our drive to create the world’s best water rides. It’s non-stop, relentless,” says Rick Hunter, ProSlide’s® President & CEO. “Water propulsion water coasters have been around the industry for 25 years; we decided to do something different.”

Our Hybrid: RocketBLAST®/ FlyingSAUCER® combines two new ProSlide® exclusive technologies in a single ride:

  • The efficient RocketBLAST® patented nozzle jets and boat pockets deliver uncompromising force from water. It drives 3 to 4-person boats longer and higher than any other propulsion water coaster on the market. We’re pumping 50% less water and using 50% less energy thanks to sophisticated control systems, sensors and zone-blocking.
  • The precise path of the FlyingSAUCER® feature creates maximum speed and centrifugal force. This new industry ride category combines the carving action from skiing with different radiuses for a faster, tighter ride and stronger g-forces.

Launched at Siam Park, Tenerife Spain – branded ‘Singha’ – this ride further solidifies Siam’s Trip Advisor rating as the number one water park in the world!

“Our guests love speed and are looking for revolutionary rides. That’s Singha,” says Christoph Kiessling, Managing Director at Siam Park. “Its constant acceleration, extreme curves and adrenaline-pumping drops will drive guests to our park for years”.

Singha, ProSlide®: RocketBLAST® / FlyingSAUCER®
Siam Park, Spain

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